Tribal Warfare

Tribal Warfare is Session No. 15, which took place on 07/27/12.


In what seems like an inevitable turn of events, The Party are put in the middle of the kobold/orc conflict.



  • The Party manages to outrun the flood and escape the kobold ruins, the fate of the mercenaries left unknown.
  • After camping within the jungle, they are ambushed and captured by a regiment of orcs.
  • Upon meeting with the orcish chieftain, The Party are forced to lead an assault on the kobolds main camp.
  • Fighting alongside the orc forces, The Party clash with the kobold forces at their main base; fortified within another kobold temple’s courtyard.
  • After defeating the kobolds, The Party are offered the chance to forego their past lives and join the orc tribe as warchiefs below the chieftain; they decline and are given leniency to go free.
  • They return to the ship as the orcs lay claim to the rest of the island and establish it as New Gruumashu.

DM Notes

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Tribal Warfare

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