The Statue in Saint Joseph

The Statue in Saint Joseph is Session No. 06, which took place on 07/01/12.


A quest to claim a statue takes The Party southbound to Saint Joseph.



  • After having two of their statues identified by a member of the Mages Guild, The Party follows a lead on a third statue; an extravagant caravan seen with the statue amongst its goods was spotted heading southeast out of the city.
  • Following its trail takes The Party to the town of Saint Joseph.
  • Investigation and a chance encounter with a farmer and some bandits lead them to a “crashed caravan down the road.”
  • Arriving at the crash site, they discover several dead kenku and a dying merchant; he tells them how he was pressured into setting up a cover for the kenku and their goods under the guise of a traveling caravan.
  • He continues that the caravan was ambushed by a band of orcs; the surviving kenku and their goods were taken up a mountain path.
  • The Party follows the trail, move a large boulder, and reach the concealed cave.
  • Inside they cross a subterranean river and pass several cliff sides until they come upon the living quarters where the orcs have shacked up.
  • Ambushing them, The Party manage to recover the stolen cargo and claim the statue.
  • They return back to Mission to discover the city fuming with plumes of smoke.

DM Notes

  • This session is dedicated to the memory of Farmer Harlan.
  • This is the first appearance of Archibald.
  • The Party finds a gold lion statuette, one of the Beast Triad statues.

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The Statue in Saint Joseph

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