The River Rats (Group)

The saltiest seadogs of the Freshwater Coast


The River Rats were a band of pirates. When their ship was commandeered, they ended up slumming around the Port District of Mission under the guise of sailors. There they had a chance encounter with The Party, who had just gained ownership of a brand new schooner, The Grizzly Snatch, without enough hands to man it. The Party expressed interest in hiring them, as they appeared to be the only folks at the docks who looked like weathered sailors; most of the folks at Port District were fisherman or coastal merchants.


Capable warriors and definite seamen, The River Rats are a stalwart crew. Since their hiring from The Party, The River Rats have been loyal to their employers and have grown to be trustworthy friends on and off the battlefield.

Notable Members


The River Rats (Group)

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