The Dead One

The Dead One is Session No. 72, which took place on 04/26/13.


As the war for Nornheim rages on, The Party continues their efforts to save the kingdom.



  • axehammaran duels with the general; eventually slaying him and claiming his head
  • the party and tremaine plow through undead, and shut the portal down, but not before the priestess summoned a hulking armor clad warrior
  • fight rages on when the warrior is revealed to be an undead revenant of the dragonborn KRUM
  • after slaying the general, the frontlines clash as axehammaran pulls back behind nornheim archer fire
  • messengers reach the north and west that the eastern gate has fallen; strega rogues have penetrated the lack of defenses there
  • party rejoins and forces them back
  • returning to the queen and the goblin forces west, two large ogres approach the gates, unaffected by archer fire
  • epic clash occurs, causing the goblins to pull back with their lack of men/siege capabilites
  • amidst the victory a loud crash is heard north, a hulking silhouette stands before the city gate
  • party arrives to see a massive demon claw ripped right through the gate and tore most fo the northern wall
  • the dead one has been summoned and the party along with nornheim must stop it before it destroys the kingdom!

DM Notes

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The Dead One

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