The Chapel Beneath

The Chapel Beneath is Session No. 61, which took place on 03/07/13.


The Party explores the stone building and discovers a chapel below.



  • After spending the evening in the stone building, The Party awakens from a restless sleep.
  • Further exploration of the vicinity begets strange activity from Jariah and Krum.
  • Following a voice in his head, Krum leads The Party to a passage within the fireplace.
  • Scaling down the shaft, The Party enter a hallway, who’s walls, ceiling, and floors are lined with twisted stone faces.
  • Trailing what appear to be small human footprints, they reach a chamber that leads into a massive chapel.
  • Carefully treading alongside the pews, The Party discover murals lining the walls depicting rows of demons bowing to an even larger demon, who’s two baboon heads seem to follow their movements.
  • At the end of the chapel is a massive baboon skull, mouth agape, leading into what appears to be an altar with a raised dais. A chalice and a necklace rest upon it. At the end of the altar is an organ, made of bone.
  • Playing the organ, releases a blast of air and dust from the pipes, which were stuffed with a deadly mold; Da’Loach and Muzgash fell victim.
  • Outside of the altar, The Party witnessed the demons from the murals coming to life and seemingly leaping off of the walls.
  • After a harrowing battle, The Party gathers their things and begin to work their way back, as the remaining demons in the mural now stood standing, staring in their direction.

DM Notes

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The Chapel Beneath

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