The Bale Islands

The Bale Islands is Session No. 12, which took place on 07/22/12.


The Party continue their exploration on this island and attempt to avoid the kobold/orc warfare.



  • After the battle, The Party manage to take some orcs captive.
  • A dispute occurs on how to deal with them, and The Party dispatch of the kobolds, save their captain.
  • Now with orcs and kobolds captive, The Party has a scuffle in how to handle their hostages.
  • Setting them both free, The Party move to explore the island.
  • They come to a temple ruins and begin searching within. It appears to be remnants of a kobold building of worship.
  • The Party are ambushed by the orcs encroaching within.
  • Deeper within, they find a powerful orc lieutenant, and a captured knight. Defeating the orcs, they free the knight.

DM Notes

  • This is the first appearance of Roland.

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The Bale Islands

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