Shipwreck Strait Offensive

Shipwreck Straight Offensive is Session No. 155, which took place on 05/02/15.


The Party arrive in Ellay to prepare for their next move; reclaiming their previously commandeered battleship!.



  • Da’Loach, Muzgash, Xanneiros arrive in Ellay.
  • Firstly, they go about and make their rounds to meet with the local Guildmasters.
  • They enter Pigsty Alley, and to warm reception find Gerald and the Crafts Guild still in order.
  • Next, they head towards the Blacksmiths Guild to find it bustling; they’re in the middle of voting for the next guildmaster.
  • Amidst the voters, The Party finds the Fishermans Guildmistress Jan.
  • The Party come to find out Atasty Geemilf is in the running against Hammerforgian, who has fallen under hard times leading the Blacksmiths Guild of Ellay.
  • Oddly sneaking into the Blacksmiths Guildhall, they encounter Hammerforgian frantically filling long overdue paperwork. They had fallen under hard times three months back after the incident at Mission.
  • nutty dwarf shenanigans
  • reveal of the seahag
  • arriving at tortoise isle, hear about all the pirates collectivisizing
  • hear about the clash at shipwreck strait
  • sail, and the initial encounter, boarding enemy ships

DM Notes

  • dm notes

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Shipwreck Strait Offensive

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