Ruby Scarab Statue

A small statuette of a ruby red scarab sitting upright on its hind legs. It seems to emit arcane energy when in the vicinity of it’s comrade statuettes. When activated, it covers the owner’s skin with ruby plates protecting the owner for a limited time.


Ruby Scarab Statue is apart of a three-statue set; the Beast Triad. When it’s near it’s fellow statues, the Golden Lion Statue and the Obsidian Eagle Statue, it grants its owner brief arcane powers.

It was found in the Irondeep Mines near Saint Rose. It was claimed by Axehammaran.


Wonderous Item • Heroic Tier
Daily • Move
Move your speed.
Effect: You burrow beneath any ground terrain, avoiding any Opportunity Attacks, you breach at the end of your move.
You gain Resist 5 damage until the end of your next turn.

DM Notes

  • Currently owned by Axehammaran.


Ruby Scarab Statue

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