Rachel's Bandana

A constant reminder to never hesitate, this blue and yellow bandana is a memento owned by the adventurer Tristam Cole.


Rachel’s Bandana was a simple bandana, previously owned by the titular Rachel. After her “death”, Tristam wears it in memory of their adventures together.

Tristam had granted it to Muzgash after they parted ways, and Muzgash, in turn, granted it to Axehammaran. Upon re-encountering Tristam in his journeys, Axehammaran returned it to Tristam.


Head Slot • Level 5 Unique
Daily • Immediate Interrupt
Trigger: You roll a 1 on an attack.
Effect: You re-roll the attack.
Property: Your attacks are critical off of a 19-20 roll.

DM Notes

  • Currently owned by Tristam.


Rachel's Bandana

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