The city of Mission is the central trade port of the Freshwater Coast. It’s the Capital City of the Freshwater Coast and primary trade hub of western Amerath.


Mission was developed for its rich landscape and position as one of Amerath’s largest natural harbors. Mission’s development was independently funded by the enterprising merchants, and their accompanying sellswords who had helped them claim the land. It wasn’t until most of the Freshwater Coast was established that Mission’s prominence became evident to the Kingdom of Amerath. Once allegiance to the crown was settled, Mission solidified its position as the capital of western Amerath.


Mission is a massive city built on and around the Mission bay. The city itself is split into four quarters and is inhabited by a melting pot of people of different races, backgrounds, and cultures. As the capital of the Freshwater Coast, it is the second largest city in the region, second to Ellay. UPDATE WHEN YOU GET HOME

Places and People of Note

  • The Golden Gate
  • A massive gate made of solid gold locked and hoisted above the main entrance into the city. It can be seen for miles from the northern and southern King’s 101st Trade Road.

  • Trade District
  • The Trade District lies just beyond the Golden Gate in the center of Mission and is always bustling with activity. It’s the home to most of the business done in the city and residence of many of the local tradesman and craftworkers. In the center of the Trade District is the Bazaar, established and maintained by the Merchant Lady Fiddenmar, where the exchange of exotic goods are traded and sold. Fiddenmar’s Trade Emporium, and home, overlooks the Bazaar and most of the Trade District.

  • Downtown
  • With the influx of inhabitants in Mission, Downtown became the part of the city where the lower income citizens lived. The majority of the city’s sellswords, rogues, and day laborers call Downtown home. A popular tavern, The Slaughtered Lamb, is frequented by people of all statuses. The Fighters Guild is one of the central tenements located Downtown.

  • Nobles Quarters
  • An upscale section of the city, the Nobles Quarters is home to the more extravagant shops and housing. Three Merchant Lords have luxurious estates here. The Mages Guild is also established in this quarter, with the Archmage’s Tower overlooking the city.

  • Port District
  • The Port District has one of the most bustling harbors in all of Amerath. The Docks are constantly visited by trade ships from all over, and lining them are several supply shops and fish markets. The most prominent tavern in the harbor, The Lusty Seahag, caters to most sailors and traders that stay at the Port District.

DM Notes

  • Mission is located in real-world San Francisco, California.