Name Fiddenmar Gariland
Gender Female
Age 40 (30) 30
Race Halfling
Level 20 (5) 5
Class Merchant
Title Lady
Merchant Lord

Lady Fiddenmar Gariland, known to her friends and customers as Fiddenmar, is a female halfling merchant and one of the three reigning Merchant Lords of Mission.


Fiddenmar was born in Mission to cobblers in the Market District. She never followed in the family trade as she lacked the fine craft skills her parents had. Fiddenmar did, however, have a mind for numbers and a very welcoming personality. Thanks to her the family business excelled. She cornered the footwear market of Mission and of the whole Freshwater Coast. With her new found wealth, she was able to fund other ventures; most importantly founding and maintaining the Bazaar, Mission’s most booming hub for exotic goods.

During her time providing for starting businesses, she also gave jobs to many warriors looking for more monetary opportunities outside of guild memberships. Her very first, and most favored sellsword, was the goliath Kolag. After time he had become her permanent bodyguard and helps her scout out potential fighters who could help her turn a gold or two.

Despite her successful invstments, Fiddenmar continues to hire people in-person, as to gauge their personality and test their will to work hard. At times, she’ll even manage the front desk at her parents’ cobbler shop, now turned trade emporium.

Appearance & Traits

Fiddenmar is quite short and slim, even for halfling standards. She wears her long brown hair down at all times and dresses quite frugally, despite her wealth and status.

She prefers to be called by her first name sans title, as she’s quite down to earth and very casual with everyone she meets.

Fiddenmar is rarely ever seen without her longtime friend and bodyguard Kolag, and she trusts and cares for him deeply.


Fiddenmar first met The Party in a tavern in the town of Saint Rose. There she hired them to clear out the Irondeep Mine, another one of her investments, of a hostile lizardman occupation 1.

With a speedy and thorough job well done, she had welcomed them as a part of her roster of sellswords; if they were ever in need of coin, she would provide the most for them. Despite their rowdy shenanigans and having to bail them out of jail 2, Fiddenmar bailed them out and tasked them with a job to call it even; investigate a strange kenku encroachment within the city.

Upon discovery of the impending attack on the Port District by the kenku forces, Fiddenmar rallied the city guard to defend the docks. Facing near defeat, Fiddenmar had come close to death boarding one of the ships alongside several guards, when a squad of kenku ambushed them from above. It wasn’t until the party’s intervention that she, the guards, and the port were saved 3.

After the second siege on Mission and the defeat of the dragon at the Port District, Fiddenmar was among the other Merchant Lords in presenting the proclaimed Heroes of the City with one of the surviving schooners from the attack 4.

Fiddenmar provided a Trade Seal, necessary to even setup port in certain trade harbors, to the party after hearing about their planned trip to Ellay 5.

Thanks to her recommendation to Cifer, The Party was recruited into the Knights of Amerath.6

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DM Notes

  • Fiddenmar was the first NPC the player’s encountered.
  • Through her emporium the player’s are able to buy any item from the builder, granted they have enough gold.



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