Enter Mission

Enter Mission is Session No. 03, which took place on 06/01/12.


The Party arrives at the massive trade city Mission to claim their reward.



  • Axehammaran, Da’Loach, and Muzgash arrive at Mission to receive their payment.
  • The Party reach the Downtown District entering a local tavern where they find Fiddenmar and Kolag.
  • Being thoroughly paid, Fiddenmar asks them to stick around as she could always use dependable mercenaries.
  • Celebrating at the bar, they meet the Tristam, Gualichu and Krum; fellow sellswords of Fiddenmar.
  • The Party, and their new friends, gets into a scrap with several tavern patrons and several men are murdered leading the six of them to scramble through the streets in an attempt to escape the guards. They are ultimately caught and detained.
  • After bailing them out, Fiddenmar hires The Party for another job to repay her; to investigate the influx of kenku in the city.
  • The group splits up, Tristam to the Port District to investigate the docks, Gualichu and Krum to the Market District to investigate the warehouses, while The Party investigates the neighborhoods of the Downtown District.
  • Battling their way through hostile homeless folk, The Party comes upon three storage garages in a cul-de-sack; one of which leads into a home and a street swarming with Kenku.
  • The Party begin making their way back to Fiddenmar to report their findings.

DM Notes

  • Due to a PC switch, this marks the departure of Foostus from, and the arrival of Muzgash to, The Party.
  • This is the first appearance of Muzgash, Tristam, Gualichu, and Krum.
  • Muzgash roundhouse’d The Beggar King, killing him in one blow; which seemed strange after The Beggar King revealed his oddly muscular body.
  • The Kenku hand gesture to activate the hidden passage is the same as the Vulcan Salute.

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Enter Mission

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