Descent into the Kobold Temple

Descent into the Kobold Temple is Session No. 13, which took place on 07/22/12.


Learning more of this knight’s situation, The Party join his cause in delving deeper into the ruins.



  • The Party discovers the knight, Roland, to be a mercenary hired to escort an expedition party in charting the island. But his group had split up during an ambush and he was captured.
  • They continue going down into the temple in search of the expedition and encounter seven statues. Vandalized, they begin to learn more about the history behind the kobold/orc war.
  • Further exploration leads them to a pool which, when searched beneath the surface, takes them to a cove. They encounter some earth elementals and claim some lost treasure.
  • As The Party continues their search, they find the expedition party, murdered and looted.
  • Discouraged, Roland follows The Party as they continue their delve, crossing chasms and traversing deeper down the hallways of the temple ruins.

DM Notes

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Descent into the Kobold Temple

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