Name Belkin
Gender Male
Age 45
Race Elf
Level 8
Class Paladin

Belkin, a wayward paladin, found himself aligned with The Party during their campaign against the Cult of Orcus and their leader Kalarel.


Belkin’s background remains unknown except that he fought to defend the northern Freshwater Coast of the cultist threat.

Appearance & Traits

Belkin is an elven male paladin. He’s armed with a mace and shield, adorned in scale armor.


Not much is known about Belkin except that he was in the Windsorhaven region fighting through the Mountain of Power to defeat Kalarel and his cultists.

The Party rescued Belkin from torturers within a dungeon in the cultist base. Despite similar goals, they part ways within the mountain fortress.1

Belkin later encountered The Party during their battle with the skeletal dragon on the mound.2

He assisted them in their battle with Kalarel. After defeating the cultist leader he went off on his own.3

DM Notes

  • Belkin was played by Wyatt’s Dad on one occasion.
  • Belkin became an NPC for his subsequent appearances



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