Name Archibald Magdalia
Gender Male
Age 90-100?
Race Human
Level 22
Class Wizard
Arcane Wayfarer
Title Mages Guildmaster (Mission)
Archmage (Amerath)

Archibald Magdalia is a male human wizard and reigning Archmage of Amerath. He is also the current Guildmaster of the Mission Mages Guild.


As the Archmage of Amerath for over 50 years, Archibald has many tales amongst the magically inclined. Though stories of his feats may be far-fetched, it is a known fact that in his younger years he was an adventuring wizard, honing his craft around the uncivilized world.

Although there is no established king in Mission, Archibald is the de-facto leader of the city, despite the several Merchant Lords running most of the commerce and general workings within it.

Appearance & Traits

Archibald appears to be older gentleman, looking to be within his late 40’s early 50’s, of a tall and slender build. In reality, he is much older than his form lets on.

He has been seen carrying a staff, Gullwing, when appearing outside of Mission.


Archibald met The Party during their first trip to Mission, when inquiring about two strange statues they had found in their adventures. He had tasked them with finding the third of the set under the guise of the statues being magical treasures, yet not revealing the true dangers the statues carried within.

He assisted The Party, along with the rest of the city, against the dragon menace at the Port District. Before the celebrations on their victory, The Party had given him the three statues to “identify” for them.

It wasn’t until The Party returned from a voyage that Archibald encountered them again, this time within a pocket dimension that he had channeled and used to contain the true identities of the statues. There he assisted The Party in defeating the Beast Triad and converted them into their controlled states.

Upon discovery about the Cult of Orcus causing havoc in the north from the Mages Guild representative of that region, Marla, and the call-to-arms from the Saint Rose patron Rangrim, Archibald tasked The Party with handling the problem.

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