Across the Tempestuous Sea

Across the Tempestuous Sea is Session No. 11, which took place on 07/20/12.


The Party set forth across the high seas towards the Bale Islands for adventure.



  • The Party, having assembled a crew and stocked up, set sail westward to a group of islands far off the Freshwater Coast.
  • They decide to name Da’Loach as Captain of The Grizzly Snatch.
  • Deep sea troglodytes board the ship and attack as they draw closer to land.
  • The Party land at Tortoise Island, one of the only known civilized hubs amongst the Bale Islands.
  • After catching rest, they sail south and arrive on an unnamed island and encounter a small orc camp.
  • They battle with a kobold war band shortly after and soon discover an intra-island conflict between the inhabiting kobolds and orcs. Defeating them into submission, they join the kobolds.
  • Alongside the kobolds, The Party raid an orc camp.

DM Notes

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Across the Tempestuous Sea

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