A Strega Gambit

A Strega Gambit is Session No. 64, which took place on 03/13/13.


Not knowing who’s dictating what, The Party follow their instincts for payback.



  • The Party rest and recover as they chase down the Strega ship.
  • In hot pursuit and sharp steering, they ram the Strega ship with The Grizzly Snatch.
  • The collision causes many to fall into the ocean; from both sides.
  • Several members of The Party land aboard the enemy ship and engage in a battle across both boats. As the Strega ship begins to sink so does The Grizzly Snatch, which is stuck in it, as well.
  • The River Rats begin to break The Grizzly Snatch away as The Party witnesses Strega stragglers escaping on dinghies.
  • The Grizzly Snatch Crew rest and continue the chase for the stragglers afterwards.
  • They land on the shores of Gulagia, only to discover an empty dingy.
  • The River Rats remain with Jariah aboard The Grizzly Snatch to repair the ship.
  • The Party trudges into unknown territory to find the Strega sailor.

DM Notes

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A Strega Gambit

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