Skirmish in the Streets

Skirmish in the Streets is Session No. 08, which took place on 07/08/12.


The search continues as The Party scours the Market District of Mission.



  • Ralgar departs to assist the Fighters Guild at the Port District.
  • The Party continues on to the Bazaar to find a wounded Kolag, who Axehammaran helps stabilize. They find out kenku have captured Fiddenmar, revealed now to be one of the Merchant Lords of Mission, and have taken her out of the Market District.
  • They stumble upon a band of kenku led by an aarakocra and its pet worm, with a captured Fiddenmar in tow. As a couple kenku begin to lead her away, Krum and two city guards emerge from an opposite street and charge forth.
  • Siezing the opportunity, The Party enter the fray and catch the band of kenku in a pincer attack.
  • Overcoming the enemies, The Party give chase to the remaining kenku holding Fiddenmar captive. Cornering them they easily dispatch of the captors, with the help of a stealth ambush from Tristam.
  • In the distance, The Party sees a huge dragon spewing fire upon the Port District.
  • The Party is reunited with all their friends and begin to move to the location of the largest portion of the kenku invasion; the docks.

DM Notes

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Skirmish in the Streets

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