Kenku Menace

Kenku Menace is Session No. 04, which took place on 06/16/12.


The Party discovers the kenku in Mission were more of a threat then they could’ve imagined.



  • After seeing the mass of kenku in the back street of the building they broke into, The Party begins working their way out, only to be discovered by several returning kenku.
  • A fight ensues in the garage, causing a major ruckus, which The Party escapes shortly after before alerting more reinforcements.
  • They manage to make their way back to Fiddenmar to report their findings.
  • Gualichu and Krum return from the Market District and report their findings of an arsenal of siege weaponry within an abandoned warehouse.
  • Tristam, having dispatched several kenku as well, reports their activity at the harbor upon his arrival from the Port District. Using the kenku bodies to jimmyrig several disguises, Tristam proposes they infiltrate the kenku mass to discover their plan.
  • Backtracking downtown, they enter the mass and find a mindflayer directing the kenku. They’ll be staging an attack from the docks the following night.
  • Gaining this new knowledge, The Party slips away and prepares for the decisive battle ahead.

DM Notes

  • Though never specifically named, this is the first appearance of the Beast Tamer.

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Kenku Menace

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