Battle of Mission

Battle of Mission is Session No. 05, which took place on 06/30/12.


The Party engage in urban warfare against the oncoming kenku forces.



  • The Party decide they’ll lead an attack on the siege machines stored in the Market District.
  • Fiddenmar and Kolag rally reinforcements within the city while Tristam, Gualichu, and Krum head to the Port District to delay the initial attack.
  • Arriving at the Market District, The Party infiltrate the “abandoned” warehouse.
  • They battle with several kenku before a few manage to escape to call for backup.
  • Using the artillery, The Party manages to burn down the siege machines, but the warehouse goes down in the ensuing fire.
  • Arriving at the port, The Party finds several transport vessels set ablaze, the kenku and the city guard litter the docks in combat.
  • Boarding the nearest ship, they find Fiddenmar and several city guards being cornered by kenku.
  • Upon rescue, she calls for their help to stop the beast below; illegally stored aboard the transports thanks to the mindflayer.
  • The Party dispatch the creature and return to the deck.
  • On the other ships, Tristam, Krum, Gualichu and Kolag, along with several guards, managed to take down the other beasts as well.
  • While managing to reclaim the docks and salvage the ships, many kenku are seen fleeing with crates of goods from the ships.

DM Notes

  • The Party and company were granted the title Heroes of the City.

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Battle of Mission

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