A Dragon at the Docks

A Dragon at the Docks is Session No. 09, which took place on 07/11/12.


The Party engage in a decisive battle with a dragon for the welfare of Mission.



  • The Party arrives at the Port District to find members of the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and city guards fending off the kenku attempting to take the remaining ships docked at the harbor.
  • They split up to help the city reclaim the harbor, and in turn the ships, the siege weapons at the port, and the lighthouses.
  • Just as the tide of battle begins to shift in their favor, the dragon emerges over the buildings spewing flame from above.
  • With the help of guards and mages, The Party manages to corral the dragon into a position to be brought down to the ground by the siege weapons.
  • A mighty struggle ensues as The Party and city battle the dragon. The city of Mission suffered major damages, several ships were sunk and the siege weapons were demolished, but thanks to The Party’s leadership they managed to collectively defeat the dragon.
  • Upon slaying it, The Party emerged victorious yet again against the kenku menace. Though their mindflayer leader was nowhere to be found.

DM Notes

  • Special thanks to Kris for lending us the Gargantuan White Dragon Icingdeath Miniature for this game.

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A Dragon at the Docks

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