Weekend at Goblin King's

Weekend at Goblin King’s is Session No. 69, which took place on 04/12/13.


The Party captures the Goblin King and begin their return to Nornheim with the princess in tow.



  • party attempts to infiltrate goblin king’s bedroom, full of booby traps
  • shenanigans with grappling hook climb and GK trying to cut rope
  • knock him unconscious and tie him to axehammarans torso
  • skirmish at the mess hall with leftover strega
  • trek back to the grizzly snatch
  • party returns to western nornheim greeted by queensguard
  • escort the princess back to kingdom of nornheim
  • chancellor surprised they made it back, queen greets them happily
  • (skipped) dinner in party’s honor, it was funny
  • that night, party visits queen to discuss terms with amerath
  • they find her in her chambers, throat slit, chancellor standing there with knife in hand, princess whereabouts unknown!

DM Notes

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Weekend at Goblin King's

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