Unspeakable Shame

Unspeakable Shame is Session No. 62, which took place on 03/08/13.


Deeper into the decrepit structure, The Party finds what they’ve been seeking.



  • Continuing down the hallway, The Party reach another chamber, littered with cots and footlockers.
  • Axehammaran finds a necklace behind a loose stone in a clay pot.
  • They pass a toilet chamber; which is unused and as decrepit as the rest of the tomb.
  • Entering a massive library, who’s books have completely littered the floor, The Party continue exploring.
  • Coming across two doors, The Party enters one with four stone slabs arranged in the room with a stand in the center, a book resting atop of it.
  • In another chamber, they come upon a bedroom, Axehammaran discovers a ring in the desk.
  • A walk-in closet reveals an excavated tunnel, where The Party comes upon the tome they were seeking, the Book of Unspeakable Shame.
  • Upon returning to the bedroom, Axehammaran and Da’Loach encounter a strange sight; mirror images of themselves drawing closer and closer to them.
  • Axehammaran, getting in the clone’s path, instigated its anger, as more specters seeped through the walls. Combat ensued.
  • The whole tomb rumbled as the stone began to crack and seperate; The Party began their exit as bony fingers and arms started clawing their way through the infrastructure.

DM Notes

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Unspeakable Shame

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