Thieves Guild

A once prestigious association of criminals and burglars, the Thieves Guild have, in recent times, been reduced to several petty gangs of thugs.


The first known iteration of the Amerathian Thieves Guild was under the leadership of the burglar from Newburg, Jimmy the Lock. He and his group of thieves worked to undermine the Kingdom of Amerath to benefit the lower class citizens living within the principalities. With their uncanny ability to dodge the law, and their popularity among the people, the band of thieves seemed unstoppable. The kingdom had only one option in dealing with them; submitting to their demands and working out a compromise. And so, Jimmy the Lock and his fellow thieves managed to strong-arm the Kingdom of Amerath into lowering the taxes that the local nobility imposed on its people. In secret, they established the Thieves Guild to work as kingdom-sanctioned thieves and spies.


Formed as a countermeasure for crime, large and small, the Thieves Guild worked as burglars, spies and informants for the Kingdom of Amerath. They worked as a checks and balance system for white-collar crimes against the Kingdom and its people. At the same time, any thieves who commit theft without being under the guild umbrella are quickly dealt; either through assimilation or reported to the Fighters Guild.

It wasn’t until the Thieves Guild grew far too large and spread too thin that the powers that be could not control it. Chapters begun using their skills and influence for their own monetary gain and the guild begun falling into ill repute. The core membership decided to continue working closely under the kingdom, forming a secret service to the king known as the Knights of Amerath and separating themselves from the guild.

At the same time, word spread that the Thieves Guild no longer had the support of the king and the local government could deal with them how they pleased. Chapters who perpetrated the original intent of the guild were dealt with harshly while few chapters remained active, working solely on a local scale. Now each chapter acts almost like their own Thieves Guild. Though this is still some solidarity between the chapters, not all follow the same rules and beliefs others would.


Notable Members


Thieves Guild

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