The River Rats

The River Rats is Session No. 10, which took place on 07/15/12.
This article is about the session, you may be looking for the group.


Rewarded with a new ship, The Party searches for a crew to man it.



  • As many of the citizens gathered at the docks, the Merchant Lords of Mission announced they’d have a celebration for the Heroes of the City in the evening for the deeds they had done.
  • In the meantime, The Party had handled business pertaining to the jeweler, the Mages Guild, and the blacksmith.
  • At the party, many festivities were had, and the Merchant Lords, as a grand gesture to The Party, granted them the remaining ship from their battle with the dragon.
  • The Party, now in need of a crew, managed to recruit Tristam, who gave them a tip to find a crew at the portside tavern, The Lusty Seahag.
  • There they encountered several merchant traders who were of no use to their cause until they found a band of sailors, The River Rats. But The River Rats weren’t going to join unless they knew their new crew mates could protect them.
  • And so The Party accepted the challenge of brawling with their surliest members; 1 on 1. Upon defeating them, The River Rats joined their cause.
  • After investing in numerous supplies, The Party and their new crew set sail for high adventure.

DM Notes

  • The Party named their new ship The Grizzly Snatch.
  • This marks the arrival of Ralgar to The Party.
  • This marks the arrival of Tristam and The River Rats to The Grizzly Snatch Crew.
  • This is the first appearance of The River Rats.

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The River Rats

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