The Knights of Amerath

The Knights of Amerath is Session No. 57, which took place on 01/22/13.


After resolving the Strega threat in Ellay, The Party meets an unexpected visitor.



  • After defeating the Strega forces, The Party returns with Atasty Gmilf back to her father’s home. There they receive the equipment she had forged for them, before Atasty retreated to her room.
  • The Party is then greeted by Brolag, who informs them of expected visitors, and that they should remain in Ellay for another day.
  • They discover that Tristam and Gualichu are going to remain in Ellay, to re-establish the Thieves Guild.
  • Partying ensues after Hammerforgian donates a hefty sum of gold to The Party for their deeds.
  • The following morning, The Party is greeted by Archibald, Fiddenmar, and Kolag. They are too drunk to recall this.
  • Krum leads them to a meeting back at the Barracks Side of the Citadel.
  • At the Guard Captain’s Quarters, The Party arrives, seeing Gualichu, Tristam, Fiddenmar, Kolag, Brolag and a mysterious man waiting for them.
  • The man introduces himself as Cifer, a high-ranking official under the King Pete McCormick’s Knights of Amerath.
  • The deeds they have done have not gone unnoticed; the destruction of the Windsorhaven Cult of Orcus and the recent obliteration of the Strega-sect in Ellay has garnered the attention of the King himself. The King’s Knights have been working to quell an oddly vast number of organized crime and illicit demon worship.
  • A proposal is made; The Party has been doing the King’s work, without the King’s pay. They’re offered to work as free agents for the King to discover who is behind the sudden uprising of Strega and cultist activity.
  • They, including the newly recruited Krum, agree to fight for the country of Amerath, and are further briefed back at The Grizzly Snatch, which has received signifact improvements, complements of the Crafts Guild.

DM Notes

  • The Party are granted the title of, and join, the Knights of Amerath.
  • This marks the departure of Tristam from The Grizzly Snatch Crew.
  • This marks the arrival of Krum to The Grizzly Snatch Crew.
  • This is the first appearance of Cifer.
  • Hammerforgian granted The Party 3000gp. Gerald granted The Party customized badges and armaments for their schooner.

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The Knights of Amerath

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