The Hunt into the Bush

The Hunt into the Bush is Session No. 84, which took place on 09/10/13.





  • river rats, kail, krum and gualichu remain to case the estate, xanneiros joins tristam targus axehammaran muzgash and daloach to chase the noble and the succubi
  • party pursues previa and mynax, all the nobles and spectators bottlenecking throughout the estate trying to evacuate as well
  • fatty skill challenge until they get out to the front lawn of the estate
  • group splits up as they make their escape
  • da loach and axehammaran engage guards in shenanigans
  • muzgash nearly escapes before doubling back to help daloach and axehammaran
  • xanneiros speaks with guard captain on the lead to previa and mynax; discover about their fallback location “the bush”, really vague, he kills the guard captain
  • party engages guards as they go up the wall to escape
  • follow lead to “the bush”; a tavern on the outskirts of old vegas
  • inside, its empty, find a huge manhole in the center, leading down a dark tunnel deep down

DM Notes

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The Hunt into the Bush

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