The Grizzly Snatch

The name of the ship and the crew that mans it.


Originally a fishing boat owned by the Merchant Lords of Mission, The Grizzly Snatch was granted to The Party as a reward for slaying the dragon that threatened the city.

The Party recruits The River Rats to man the ship for their adventures. The allies they meet along the way who are inspired to join them become a part of the crew.


A two-mast fishing schooner, The Grizzly Snatch was converted into a sailboat to transport The Party and their allies on adventures. It has been reinforced with metal plates on the bow and fitted with four canons.

After Muzgash and Axehammaran‘s initial clash with Whitebeard’s Crew, The Grizzly Snatch had crashed and sunk in the harbor of Shangri-La. Once repaired, The Party fought off Whitebeard and his men from commandeering their ship. The pirates had pursued The Party all the way back to Mission. After a hard fought battle, The Grizzly Snatch crashed into The River Rat, Whitebeard’s flagship, destroying both in the port of Mission.

It wasn’t until Whitebeard, who had changed allegiances, took the remains of both ships, and through extensive repairs, had a new warship been born. Large enough to house his crew and The Party’s, this newly crafted frigate became their new means of transportation.

Notable Members


The Grizzly Snatch

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