The Colosseum Clash

The Colosseum Clash is Session No. 82, which took place on 08/20/13.





  • axehammaran awakens in amidst garbage in an alley, exhausted from the escape
  • trails guard patrol, reunites with gualichu, fate of party is noted by gualichu spotting them being escorted to lapis lazulian
  • find a man, apparently a guard from the weapon and other accoutrement, with his throat slit and clothing taken, in a gutter. axeham and gualichu plot a scheme on the next roving guard pack
  • meanwhile back in the locker guards apprehended the crew to put their equipment back in the lockers, xanneiros manages to stash a lockpick.theyre returned to their cells
  • shenanigans abound. the guards are called by a stranger, seemingly another guard, calling for aid. they leave their posts.
  • axeham and gualichu jump a guard troop and commandeer their attire, infiltrate past the gate towards the building, seemingly an infirmary where daloach and muzgash were lead
  • discover the receptionist behind the desk with her throat slit, follow the way downstairs
  • xanneiros seizes the opportunity and unlocks their cells, they work their way to the lockers, unguarded oddly enough
  • after retrieving their goods, they continue their search for the exit, only to find another locker room, with krums empty locker!
  • they continue on following a noise, and happen upon a gang of warforged guards, combat ensues; the warforged sound alarms of intruders
  • down the stairwell, axehammaran and gualichu happen upon gladiators who seem to have managed an escape, mistaking them for opposition, the gladiators attack axehammaran.
  • after the battle, daloach muz kail and xanneiros follow the pathway barging into a room with lord previa and MYNAX and her elite cultists! reinforcements arrive and the party is apprehended
  • axehammaran and gualichu follow the commotion out into the arena battlegrounds.. only to discover 6 men, bags over their head and nude, at the brink of execution. when the bags are removed, its revealed to be the rest of the party! daloach muzgash krum targus alongside xanneiros and kail. the execution shall begin as the crowd in the arena cheers!

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The Colosseum Clash

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