The Battle of Two Fronts

The Battle of Two Fronts is Session No. 71, which took place on 04/24/13.


The Party join Nornheim’s forces in holding back the oncoming threat from the west and north.



  • Scouts reveal, armed goblins in the west and behind them, smaller goblins preparing siege equipment, followers in the north, amidst the undead, are summoning creatures from a portal
  • Party decides to head north to stop them
  • Forces split up as a majority of the footmen head west, lead by the queen
  • Queensguard Tremaine joins the party north
  • battle against the first wave of undead; licker battle
  • second wave of lickers scale wall, archers defend as party hits the main force
  • followers summoning spirits to fly over the walls to attack, party shuts them down
  • messengers from the west reveal the siege weapons have assembled, west under heavy fire
  • axehammaran departs from the party, as the rest of the group continue pursuit on portal
  • axehammaran displays the goblin king to the enemy front line as a means of bargain
  • bargain declined when a goblin, who they met back in gulagia, reveals himself to the son of the goblin king; wears new crown and forfeits the old king’s life
  • axehammaran slays old goblin king (who’s been tied to his chest), only angering goblin prince/new king, he sends his general in to handle axehammaran

DM Notes

  • This is the first appearance of Tremaine.

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The Battle of Two Fronts

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