Name Targus
Gender Male
Age 24
Race Eladrin
Level 15 (5)
Class Bard
Title Mercenary

Targus, a jack-of-all trades, is a young mercenary who’s found himself aligned with The Party, sharing in their exploits.


Born somewhere in the Freshwater Coast, Targus has, like many bards, never had a place he called home, as he was often traveling to new locales for his work. Hearing of Roland and his mercenary company’s adventures, he joined their employ for greater travel security.

Appearance & Traits

Targus is an eladrin male bard. Armed with a spear and a lute and adorned in chainmail.


Targus was apart of a mercenary company, alongside Roland, Dartanion and Onedeep. During an escort mission, the group gets separated from Roland. They begin a search to reunite with their old group member. There they encounter The Party who had rescued Roland earlier.

After being washed out of the kobold temple the group disbands.

At some point Targus finds himself on the Isle of Dread, captured by a kopru-influenced tribe of primitive elves alongside Axehammaran.

Upon being freed, he travels with Axehammaran and The Party throughout their quest on the Isle of Dread. Once they returned back to The Grizzly Snatch, Targus officially joined their crew and would partake in their exploits.

Targus accompanied Da’Loach on a return expedition to the Isle of Dread to deal with the kopru encroachment and liberate the indigenous elves of their oppression.

DM Notes

  • Targus was played by Matt on several occasions.
  • Targus became an on-again/off-again NPC for his subsequent/in-between appearances, depending on player attendance.



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