Sins of the Mother

Sins of the Mother is Session No. 63, which took place on 03/12/13.


The Party suffers devastating losses, but continues on with their quest.



  • In the library, piles of books rumbled as The Party attempts their escape.
  • As the undead begin crawling from beneath the books, Jariah ignites several piles on fire to delay the enemies approach.
  • Upon reaching the toilet chamber to cross back over to cot-filled room, The Party discovers it filled with a rancid odor. The rooms floors and walls are covered with layers of piss and shit.
  • The fetid smell was almost enough to deter The Party, the majority of them managed to make it across. Unable to endure the repelling stench, Jariah and Da’Loach remain behind holding off the undead as best as they can.
  • Running ahead, Targus discovers the faces in the hallway have disappeared, but at the end of the hall, on the chapel side, a horde of undead slowly approached.
  • Finally managing to cross the smelly room, Da’Loach and Jariah rejoin The Party as they begin to fall into a pincer attack.
  • Their rope leading back up the fireplace, now blocked by approaching undead, isn’t within reach, and it seems The Party must make their final stand in the tomb.
  • Axehammaran, thinking aloud, jokes about pushing the undead back, sparking Krum to volunteer to lead the charge. The Party, not wanting to leave him, opt to fight alongside him.
  • Exclaiming that ‘this isn’t a request’, Krum presses the line of undead back as The Party scrambles back up the fireplace.
  • Axehammaran, wanting to go back for Krum, checks back down the fireplace only to see the undead have swarmed over Krum and have begun crawling up the tunnel.
  • What was left of the group manages their escape back to Nornheim, with their claimed book in tow.
  • Arriving back into the kingdom, they hear ruckus amongs the townsfolk of captured traitors to the city.
  • They discover the Knights of Amerath operatives have been collared and set to be executed via hanging. Alongside them stands Ralgar.
  • The Party witnesses their deaths.
  • They continue to the palace and return the book to Queen Norn.
  • She finally levels with them and explains her actions in cutting trade off with Amerath.
  • She was blackmailed by Strega through the kidnapping of her daughter, Princess Anya. Following their insane demands to secure her life, the queen complied with the trade decisions.
  • She was next tasked with handing over the Book of Unspeakable Shame, which her ancestors sealed into the Tomb of Duvan’ku to hold its evil.
  • Queen Norn means to have her guards deliver the book to the western trade dock, the exchange point for Strega. The Book of Unspeakable Shame for the princess.
  • The Party opts to deliver the book and deal with Strega alongside the Nornheim guards. They are to leave the following morning.
  • Having suffered two losses to The Party, the group sends Jariah back to The Grizzly Snatch, to inform the rest of the crew of their situation.
  • The next day, they arrive at the western trade dock, and meet several Strega goons at the harbor. A bound girl stands struggling behind several surly looking thugs who are overlooking her and their ships.
  • Through sleight of hand, Da’Loach creates a phony book through prestidigitation, but his ruse is foiled and The Party engages Strega in combat.
  • Discovering the princess to be a Strega imposter, The Party battle back while taking heavy fire from the docked boats.
  • Things begin to look dire as they continue the struggle on a nearly destroyed pier, until from up the coast The Grizzly Snatch charges in full sail. Suppressing fire against the Strega ships, The Party and The River Rats force them into a retreat.
  • Jariah, leading the charge, helps load The Party onto the ship to pursue their targets; who are sailing westward to Gulagia.

DM Notes

  • This marks the departure of Ralgar from The Party.
  • This marks the departure of Krum from The Grizzly Snatch Crew.

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Sins of the Mother

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