Name Seregris
Gender Male
Age 26
Race Elf
Level 10 (8)
Class Rogue
Title Fighters Guild Member

Seregris, a headstrong rogue, found himself aligned with The Party during their campaign against the Cult of Orcus and their leader Kalarel.


Seregris’s background remains unknown except that he fought to defend the northern Freshwater Coast of the cultist threat.

Appearance & Traits

Seregris is an elven male rogue. He is armed with two daggers and adorned in leather armor.


Not much is known about Seregris, except he was in the Windsorhaven region, fighting through the Mountain of Power to defeat Kalarel and his cultists.

The Party encountered Seregris on their initial attack on the entrance to the Mountain of Power. They would get through a good portion of the cave together. Despite similar goals, they part ways when The Party heads towards a dungeon. He continues onward.

Seregris was later found by The Party after their battle in the Chamber of Blood. He was injured and after being healed, rejoined their effort in fighting the skeletal dragon on the mound.

He assisted them in their battle with Kalarel. After defeating the cultist leader he went off on his own.

At some point, Seregris travels to Lake Tallheaux and joins Foostus’ cause against the Lake Tallheaux Fighters Guild. During this time, he re-meets Axehammaran and flip-flops his allegiance.

He’s later captured with Foostus, Onedeep, and Dartanion by the Fighters Guild.

Seregris participates in the re-taking of the Lake Tallheaux Fighters Guild, and is later cleared of his charges.

Appreciative of their lenience, Seregris enlists with the guild.

DM Notes

  • Seregris was played by Devin on a couple occasion.
  • Seregris became an NPC for his subsequent/in-between appearances



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