Rumble in the Ruins

Rumble in the Ruins is Session No. 14, which took place on 07/26/12.


The Party reach the bottom of the temple and encounter some unexpected company.



  • The Party comes to a massive locked double-door preceded by three rotating columns. Clearly a certain setup would open the path. They begin to work on it.
  • Meanwhile in another portion of the ruins, a mercenary party are searching for their lost comrade. They come across an enchanted fountain and reach a hallway littered with orc bones.
  • Back at the double-door, The Party manages to figure the column setup and enter the doorways; inside they discover it’s loaded with a kobold barricade.
  • A huge battle ensues. Midway, the mercenary company emerge from the littered hallway and join the fray.
  • Collectively, they fight their way into a back room stocked full of gold and treasures, a trove of trinkets the kobolds must have been stockpiling; specifically a beautifully adorned, ornate jeweled toad idol.
  • One of the mercenaries grabs it setting off a massive floodgate trap flooding the back room and the bottom antechamber.
  • The mercenary company retreat back into the hall of bones while The Party escape back up the familiar path they came from.

DM Notes

  • This is the first appearance of Targus, Onedeep, and Dartanion.
  • This was our largest session, having eight people at the table, seven party members.

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Rumble in the Ruins

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