Name Roland Olivier
Gender Male
Age 25
Race Human
Level 5
Class Fighter
Title Mercenary

The hapless leader of a doomed mercenary company, Roland Olivier, a formidable grappler from Tortoise Island, desperately tries to lead the men under his charge to greater futures.


Traveling from Euronde, Roland found himself working as a sellsword on Tortoise Island. There he would form a mercenary company alongside Targus, Dartanion, and Onedeep. As their leader, he would be in charge of directing the group towards hopeful fortunes.

Appearance & Traits

Roland is a human male fighter of an imposing presence. Armed with spiked gauntlets and armored in a bevy of pieces of light plate, Roland stood a dangerous adversary on the battlefield. A trained pugilist, he prefers to fight with his fists and restrain his enemies into submission.


Roland lead a mercenary company with Targus, Dartanion, and Onedeep. During an escort mission, Roland was separated from his group. He’s then captured by several orcs and taken into their base, a derelict temple. There, he was forced to bare witness to the slaughter of his employers. Shackled and awaiting death, Roland was rescued by The Party. In gratitude, he accompanied them in their delve deeper into the temple.13

Roland followed The Party into the depths of the temple, only to be reunited with his mercenary company in a skirmish against the hostile inhabitants dwelling within.14

After being washed out of the kobold temple, due to Onedeep’s actions, the company disbanded.

Roland’s whereabouts remain unknown.

DM Notes

  • Roland was played by Matt and Wyatt on a couple occasions.
  • Roland became an NPC for his subsequent appearances
  • Roland was originally a PC played by Erwin in a one-shot. His exploits continue as an older Roland in a game DM’ed by Wyatt.



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