Prisoners is Session No. 67, which took place on 04/05/13.


With newly found infortmation The Party begins their hunt to rescue Princess Anya and stop the goblin king.



  • party move through mess hall, battle strega
  • navigate their way through to the prisoner’s holding
  • meet a goblin who warns them of the grub dining on prisoners
  • at the cells, party discovers an orc, unbound, battling a large carrion crawler
  • a dragonborn and a thrikreen are bound as The Party moves to stop the grub
  • goblins come down the hall to ensure the grub had finished what it set to do
  • party defeats the goblin reinforcements and the carrion crawler
  • party frees thrikeen and dragonborn

DM Notes

  • Though not specifically named, this is the first appearance of Sarelka and Spewgore.

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