Name Onedeep
Gender Male
Age 27
Race Drow
Level 10 (5)
Class Rogue
Title Mercenary
Fighters Guild

Onedeep, a cutthroat of Tortoise Island, has found himself crossing paths with The Party more than he may like.


A native son of the rowdy port town of Tortoise Island, Onedeep was raised to look out for himself, and only himself. He lent his services and skills to Roland and his mercenary company for the monetary gains they would bring him.

Appearance & Traits

Onedeep is a drow male rogue with beady, little eyes. He keeps his head shaved and dresses lightly. Armed with a short sword and a dagger, he wears a leather tunic for armor.


Onedeep was apart of a mercenary group, alongside Roland, Targus and Dartanion. During an escort mission, the group had gotten separated from Roland. They begun a search to reunite with their old group member. During the search they encounter The Party, who had rescued Roland earlier.14

After being washed out of the kobold temple, due to Onedeep activating a floodgate trap, the company disbanded.

At some point, Onedeep and Dartanion traveled to Lake Tallheaux. There they were hired to join Foostus’ cause against the Lake Tallheaux Fighters Guild. During this time, he ran into Axehammaran; unfortunately on opposing sides of battle.46

He’s later captured with Foostus, Seregris, and Dartanion by the Fighters Guild.47

Onedeep participated in the re-taking of the Lake Tallheaux Fighters Guild, and is later cleared of his charges.52

Appreciative of their leniency, Onedeep enlists with the guild.

DM Notes

  • Onedeep was played by JT on one occasion.
  • Onedeep became an NPC for his subsequent appearances



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