Obsidian Eagle Statue

A small statuette of an obsidian black eagle. It seems to emit arcane energy when in the vicinity of it’s comrade statuettes. When activated, the owner sprouts massive black eagle wings and briefly takes flight, generating necrotic energy upon landing.


Obsidian Eagle Statue is apart of a three-statue set; the Beast Triad. When it’s near it’s fellow statues, the Ruby Scarab Statue and the Golden Lion Statue, it grants its owner brief arcane powers.

It was found in the Irondeep Mines near Saint Rose, in a cache. It was claimed by Da’Loach.


Wonderous Item • Heroic Tier
Daily • Move
Move your speed x1.5.
Effect: Your next attack deals 5 Necrotic damage.
You fly during your movement but must land at the end of your move.

DM Notes

  • Currently owned by Da’Loach.


Obsidian Eagle Statue

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