Northbound to Nornheim

Northbound to Nornheim is Session No. 58, which took place on 02/19/13.


The Party heads to the frozen north to investigate suspected Strega activity.



  • The Party receive a map with potential leads on Strega and cultist activity.
  • They opt to head to Nornheim, a state of Amerath in the northwest.
  • Finding out that Queen Norn, the leader of Nornheim, has suddenly closed trade with the Kingdom and re-opened trade routes with the nearby Gulagia, it’s clear their only reason would be under force.
  • Once properly stocked, the crew set sail.
  • Upon reaching the border to Northern Amerath, the crew is met by a heavily armed blockade.
  • After heavy negotiations, The Party gain safe passage northward.
  • Docking at the small trade port Ridge of Anchors, the crew head for the nearest tavern.
  • After an encounter with the patrons, Axehammaran sees some sketch activity which leads to the party staking out a hovel on the main road.
  • Barging in, Axehammaran alerts the men as he closes the door pretending to leave.
  • The door swings open as the men attack the party. Screaming ‘the pirates are attacking!’ they try to fend against The Party for their lives.
  • Upon defeat, The Party keeps one alive and drags the rest into the home for further interrogation.

DM Notes

  • After our 2 monthish hiatus, the original party is back together again for a session.

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Northbound to Nornheim

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