Name Mokag Muzgash
Gender Male
Age 37*
Race Half-Orc
Level 24
Class Monk
Malec-Keth Janissary
Diamond Soul
Title Hero of the City

Muzgash of the Dragon’s Gate is one of the most celebrated pugilists of Terrus.


The son of Urndel, Mokag Muzgash was born to a human mother near the mountains of Kitai. He was then taken across the Tempestuous Sea to Saint Rose. Near the town stood a monastery, and there Muzgash was left in the care of Sifu Lokag, its master and caretaker. Under Lokag’s tutelage, Muzgash was raised and trained in the ways of the monk.

Though a young Muzgash earned a proper education in the philosophies and etiquette of the Dragon’s Gate, he only really took the martial training to heart. The life of a stodgy monk didn’t seem like one he wanted to live, and so he took his unique training out on the world.


It was during his time as a mercenary that he crossed paths with Da’Loach and Axehammaran, and joined The Party under the employ of the Merchant Lady Fiddenmar.

Appearance & Traits


DM Notes

  • Muzgash is played by Jared.
  • Muzgash was created after Session 2, to replace Foostus.
  • Muzgash was 32 years old and level 3 at the start of the campaign.
  • Muzgash became a Diamond Soul, thus halting the aging process, at 37. He would otherwise be 42.



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