Massacre at Mission

Massacre at Mission is Session No. 07, which took place on 07/05/12.


The Party attempts to suppress the second wave of kenku attacks on Mission.



  • The Party arrives at Mission to find kenku running amok razing and pillaging.
  • They find a set of guards fighting off a pack of kenku and manage to rescue the sole survivor, a dragonborn warrior named Ralgar of the Fighters Guild.
  • The Party then set forth to save nearby citizens and begin the search for their friends.
  • Arriving downtown, they see Gualichu fighting off kenku and attempting to close off strange portals in the streets.
  • Assisting him, they fail to close one of the portals as kenku reinforcements arrive and a large beast appears through the portal.
  • The Party manage to defeat the enemies and continue onward to find the rest of their friends.

DM Notes

  • This is the first appearance of Ralgar

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Massacre at Mission

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