Mages Guild

Dedicated to the preservation, cataloging, and teaching of arcane knowledge, the Mages Guild work to educate the people of Terrus to the benefits of magic.


Under the leadership of a young magic user named Paula Skye, a movement among fledgling casters begun where they would collectivize their knowledge for the progression of one another. Much to the chagrin of older, more adept wizards, who had to learn the hard way from personal travel and research, this group of up-and-coming young magic-users continued to grow.

It wasn’t until Paula and her fellow wizards begun sharing their arcane knowledge with the local populace of Moonglow that the guild truly begun to form. Opposing ideals between some older wizards and Paula’s group created enough friction in the magic-using community that inevitable violence ensued. Both sides suffered many casualties but, with their selfless bond and ever growing community, Paula and the guild persevered. Wanting to end the bloodshed, many older wizards joined her cause; though some still did not agree with her ideals, they would compromise for peace.


Starting in Euronde, the Mages Guild collected all tomes and teachings of arcane knowledge in the region. There, they would school anyone willing to learn and share what beneficial magics they could with the people. Over the years, the particularly gifted would travel to the far reaches of Terrus to learn from other countries and cultures, and spread the ideals of the guild. In time, more subsets would sprout up around the world.

Now having established several Mages Guilds in almost every major region, arcane knowledge was readily available nearly everywhere. But with knowledge comes power, and obstinate students would begin using it irresponsibly. Unfortunately for the guild, issues led to violence yet again. As these fallen wizards used magic for crime or worse, senior members took it upon themselves to apprehend them; though it usually would lead to the deaths of casters, one way or another.

The Mages Guilds would appoint an Archmage to each region, to take responsibility in managing their respective guildhalls, members and students. And if any were to stray down the wayward path, they would be dealt with respectively. In-fighting within the guild only lead to the delay of gaining, learning, and preserving knowledge.


  • Euronde
  • Info on Euronde Mages Guild.

  • Kitai
  • Info on Kitai Mages Guild.

  • Lands East of Andeis
  • Info on Lands East of Andeis Mages Guild.

  • Gulagia
  • Info on Gulagia Mages Guild.

  • Amerath
  • The Amerath Mages Guild is based out of Mission and currently maintained by Archibald. As one of the youngest chapters, the Amerath chapter works to spread access to arcane knowledge across the kingdom. Outside of Mission and their larger guildhalls, like the ones at Lonestar and Liberty Gate, most other Mages Guilds are glorified libraries to the public. Though some dabble in alchemy and assist the local medics, they are primarily database hubs for any research locals may need.

  • Wakanda
  • Info on Wakanda Mages Guild.

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Mages Guild

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