Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost is Session No. 17, which took place on 08/01/12.


The Party begin their excursion into the prehistoric lands of the Isle of Dread.



  • The Party leave Axehammaran at the gate to guard the gong and to open for them incase it closes.
  • They explore the interior of the jungle and find a massive statue of what they had mistaken as a mindflayer, whose only evident difference was a tentacled lower half.
  • Continuing northward, they discover the jungle to open into a large desert.
  • Heading east, they discover the coastline and its extensive drop, and run into a set of tar pits within the jungle as they double back.
  • After a run in with a sabretooth tiger, they decide to cross the desert heading towards a structure jutting from its center.
  • Upon reaching it, they discover it to be a 20 ft. tall stone mound, seemingly honeycombed with massive holes bored into it.
  • Exploring inside, it’s revealed to have a waxy walled interior.
  • As they delve deeper, they find a pile of seemingly freshly slain elves, who appear primitive in dress.
  • While examining the corpses, massive bugs emerge from several tunnels.
  • Slaying the creatures, The Party temporarily rests and continue on.

DM Notes

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Land of the Lost

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