Knights of Amerath

Special division of people enforcing the law in Amerath as a domestic intelligence and counterintelligence agency.


Originally assembled to counter the rampant crimes of an expanding Thieves Guild, the Knights of Amerath consisted of core members of the, now defunct, Liberty Gate Thieves Guild chapter. These individuals worked as a counter to the counterintelligence that the first inception of the Thieves Guild represented. With the withdrawal of Kingdom support, the Knights of Amerath became the spiritual successors of the Kingdom-established Thieves Guild.


The Knights of Amerath, who aren’t necessarily knights, are a network of operatives workings for the Kingdom of Amerath. They work to combat nationwide crimes that can’t be handled on a local scale. Generally the Knights become involved when local governance blatantly loses control of their region. There, they gather intelligence on the situation and make an effort to nip the problem in the bud with as little of public involvement as possible. The Knights work to maintain order across the Kingdom before military involvement becomes necessary.

Notable Members


Knights of Amerath

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