King's Court

Prisoners is Session No. 68, which took place on 04/10/13.


The Party and their newly acquired allies have one purpose in mind; kill the Goblin King of Gulagia.



  • party gains spewgore/sarelka and discover a human, half-elf, and dwarf prisoners escaped as well to kill the goblin king
  • party moves to kings court, see orc regiment moving to barracks
  • party attempts to ram door to kings court down, awares regiment with noise
  • short skirmish ensues with unknown reinforcements to the party arriving via the barracks
  • full party, with spewgore/sarelka and the human, half-elf and dwarf in tow press the kings court
  • epic battle ensues with king escaping and his forces joining the fray
  • half the enemies are turned to stone as the half-elf half-medusa reveals her powers and identity as the princess of norn
  • party claims the enemies as they have much to discuss in their pursuit of the goblin king

DM Notes

  • This is the first appearance of Anya and Gnazk.

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King's Court

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