Journey into the Badlands

Journey into the Badlands is Session No. 74, which took place on 06/03/13.


The Party head into the Western Deserts to shut down the cultist uprising.



  • Meeting with Cifer, The Party is given their next mission; to half the surge of cult activity in the Nevadlands. Discovering about his operatives failure to convene with The Party in Nornheim, Cifer has secured a more reliable operative to work with The Party. They are to head to Ellay to meet with their new operative; Gualichu.
  • They leave Mission and sail for Ellay. Shenanigans abound, The Party is met with old friends and eventually meet with Gualichu.
  • Having to leave their ship behind, The River Rats stay in Ellay to man The Grizzly Snatch in the mean time.
  • Gualichu secures a covered wagon for the group, and they ride into Nevadlands aka the Badlands. There, Gualichu briefs them on their target: a regional leader of the Cult of Orcus, a wizard named Mondaine who’s said to be based somewhere in the city of Old Vegas.
  • The Party enter a small desert town, Henderson Valley, and briefly shack up at a saloon. Their stay is short, as they encounter members of the Cult of Orcus and are eventually chased out of town.
  • Spending the evening in the desert, The Party rides for their destination in the Nevadlands, Old Vegas.
  • Slowly riding through, The Party sees the outskirts of Old Vegas wrought with depravation; derelicts, the homeless, the starving running rampant scraping to survive. Men wearing Orcus cultist tabards committing acts of debauchery over townsfolk. Not wanting to get involved, The Party rides on.
  • Da’Loach, believing he has a feel for the city, tries to direct the wagon. Heading into a tight alleyway, The Party’s wagon is blocked by several cultists from both sides. Strangely, these cultists donned a tabard with a crude depiction of a baboon’s face.
  • The Party manage to drive through the blockade of cultists, but lose a few members to the cultists attempting to board their ride.
  • Losing Muzgash, Targus, and Da’Loach to cultists, Gualichu, Krum, and Axehammaran ride to the end of the alley and turn the wagon around to charge back and rescue their friends.
  • Crashing through them, The Party manages to re-load back onto the wagon and make their escape.
  • Their ruckus alerted many a cultist, and now, in hot pursuit, The Party ride to escape the herd of cultists and their followers.
  • Riding into a side-street with a makeshift roadblock, the horses leap over, but the wagon was compromised. The Party lay riddled on the street as their enemies are closing in.
  • Back on their feet, they manage to barge into a janky building next to them, and in the darkness they reach for whatever they could to try and barricade the door.
  • Da’Loach, lighting his ghoul candle, illuminates a small section of the room to discover bodies all around them hanging from chains on the ceiling, and a silhouette of a man on the other side of the room brandishing a halberd.
  • Upon seeing The Party, the man reaches into his pack pulling out a sunrod. Throwing it at The Party’s feet awakens the hanging corpses, as the undead are unable to see the light of a ghoul candle.
  • Surrounded and being grabbed at, The Party split barricading the door against the cultist horde and facing off with the zombies and their captor.

DM Notes

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Journey into the Badlands

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