Irondeep Mines

Irondeep Mines is Session No. 02, which took place on 05/16/12.


The Party discovers ancient architecture within the mines, and delve deeper.



  • Axehammaran, Da’Loach, and Foostus traverse the interior of the excavated architecture.
  • Inside they come to a large square chamber, separated into 8×8 squares, resembling a chess board. Rubble litters the floor and several statues remain across the room, idle.
  • Upon entering the room, an arcane energy overcomes The Party, and in a way, dictates their movements.
  • They clash with the statues, ultimately decimating them into rubble as well, disabling the arcane energy of the room.
  • Past the Chess Room, The Party comes to a subterranean town; a paved road with buildings and homes carved from the earthen walls.
  • They come to a dead-end, leading to a massive structure resembling temple of sorts. Inside they’re ambushed by an earth elemental.
  • After fighting off the creature, they embark on their journey to Mission to claim their payment.

DM Notes

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Irondeep Mines

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