Into the Antlion's Den

Into the Antlion’s Den is Session No. 77, which took place on 6/18/13.





  • party brings renault through soup kitchen (for public humiliation) then to mynax
  • she appreciates the initiative of bringing him in alive, grants them cult tabards, sends them to meet with brad for a mission
  • in the back of the soup kitchen, in the “war room”, they meet with more recruits and brad
  • informant says cult of orcus activity based within an abandoned antlions den outside of city
  • brad apprehensive to lead, krum and party take lead, march onto antlion den
  • sneakery abound, down 30 ft sinkhole
  • three paths, party goes most traveled
  • trap tunnel, spears in the fissures, party arrives into cavern
  • necromancer leading cultists battle, featuring a controlled an adolescent antlion
  • party win and now in the heart of the den

DM Notes

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Into the Antlion's Den

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