Gaining Allegiance

Gaining Allegiance is Session No. 54, which took place on 12/18/12.


The Party works towards uniting the people of Ellay to take back their city.



  • The Party asks Hammerforgian who they need to speak with to gain the allegiance of the other guilds; he tells them Jan leads the Fishermans Guild while Gerald leads the Crafts Guild. He isn’t sure what they’ll need to do to secure their service since the guilds have been disjointed since the arrival of Strega.
  • The Party arrives at the Port District and heads for the Fishermans Guildhall. There they meet a guild member, Fishy Joe, who leads them to his Guild Mistress Jan’s office.
  • Jan is uncooperative in their efforts to battle Strega, she directs her guild to comply with Strega at the cost of profits to secure their lives.
  • As The Party leaves they’re met by Fishy Joe who tells them he was eavesdropping on the conversation, that he supports their cause, and would be more than happy to try and convince Jan to as well if the party would help him with a problem; Fishy Joe’s “tribute” to Strega is due today, but his boat was capsized just outside of the harbor and his goods were taken by bullywugs to a seaside cove. He’s unable to retrieve it on his own and could use some muscle. The Party accepts.
  • Before they head for the cove they return to The Grizzly Snatch and asks for several crew members to take a rowboat and meet them north along the beach near a cove. There’s loot to be plundered.
  • The Party finds the cove only to discover it’s empty, save for a lit campire and several cots, they follow a path leading behind the cove into the nearby woods only to discover a 30 ft high mound connected to a 10 ft high mound by a fallen tree.
  • Da’Loach notices from the foot of the hills, several boxes and crates at the peak of the high mound, and a small green man fiddling with them. Climbing up the tree bridge, he confronts the green man.
  • Revealing himself to be a bullywug, his throat inflates as his vocal sac gives off an unsettling battle-cry; several bullywug emerge from the surrounding woodland with their weapons drawn leaving the party surrounded.
  • A harrowing battle ensues and The Party overcomes the bullywugs. They claim their on-hand gold and discover the bullywugs wearing familiar black chokers.
  • Several crew members arrive to haul the boxes off the mounds and back onto their ship. Muzgash takes Fishy Joe’s crate, noted by have a Fish & J insignia, back with the party personally.
  • Arriving back at the Fisherman’s Guildhall, they find three gnolls harassing Fishy Joe. Returning his “tribute” just in time, the gnolls crack open the bonds of the crate and pull out a leather bound book. They leave Fishy Joe alone until the next pay period.
  • Being completely honest with The Party after they saved his life, Fishy Joe tells them that he ships strange things for Strega, no questions asked, instead of having to pay actual tribute like the rest of the guild does. But carrying that kind of cargo was more detrimental if he wasn’t able to get it to them on time. Still holding up his side of the bargain, he goes and speaks to Jan on The Party’s behalf.
  • Jan tells The Party that she will deliberate with the rest of her guild on the matter and that she’ll send word of her decision in the evening.
  • The Party receives a message delivered personally by Fishy Joe that they have the support of the Fishermans Guild.
  • The next morning, the party heads back into the Trade District in search of the Crafts Guild.
  • In a slummier part of Ellay, Pigsty Alley, they come to a rough looking apartment complex. In the lobby of the building they discover it to be the Crafts Guildhall.
  • Meeting Gerald, and updating him on the situation at hand, the party convinces him with no trouble to join their cause. Knowing the other two guilds are willing to fight for Ellay, he complies.
  • Speaking with each Guild master, the party arranges a meeting at sundown in a private room at The Nutty Dwarf.
  • Back on The Grizzly Snatch, the party prepares as the sun begins to set.

DM Notes

  • This is the first appearance of Gerald, Jan, and Fishy Joe.

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Gaining Allegiance

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