Name Foostus
Gender Male
Age 28
Race Half-Elf
Level 10 (3)
Class Fighter
Title Fighters Guild

Foostus, a fighter with great potential, finds himself faced against harder trials than those he turns away from.


Foostus was an original member of The Party that was hired by Fiddenmar in Saint Rose.

Appearance & Traits

Foostus is a half-elven male fighter. Armed with a halberd and adorned in plate armor, he is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


Foostus was a member of the initial group that was hired by Fiddenmar to clear the Irondeep Mines of a lizardman encroachment. Foostus, alongside Axehammaran and Da’Loach, formed The Party and completed the task they were hired for.

Foostus left The Party shortly after and marched north to Lake Tallheaux, where he would try and join the Fighters Guild. Not much is known what spurred Foostus’ malice against the Fighters Guild, but he later would recruit Dartanion, Onedeep, and Seregris to his cause; taking over and vandalizing their sacred shrine at the peak of the Sugarloaf Hill. His actions would lead the Fighters Guild to assemble the famed fighters of Amerath to stop them.

Foostus would then encounter Axehammaran again, upon the latter’s arrival to the shrine. There Foostus would convince Axehammaran to join his cause against the corrupt leadership of the Fighters Guild. A case of double-agents would cause dissention within the group and Foostus, Dartanion, and Onedeep would clash against Axehammaran, Seregris and Ortaddon.

He and his rebels would later be subdued, captured, and imprisoned within the Lake Tallheaux Fighters Guildhall.

Foostus participated in the re-taking of the Lake Tallheaux Fighters Guild, and is later cleared of his charges. He’s then been granted membership for his deeds.

DM Notes

  • Foostus was played by Jared for the first two games.
  • Foostus became an NPC for his subsequent appearances
  • Foostus shares a name with the minotaur shaman Foostus, from another game.



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